Preliminary Agenda

September 5th Conference Registration
September 6th Morning

Session 1: Conference Opening Ceremony
President of CNIA
Leaders of government of Qinghai Province
Leaders of related departments
Leaders of SHFE
Secretary-general of ICSG
Board Chairman of West Mining Group

Session 2: keynote speech
1. Analysis and Prospects of Domestic Macroeconomic and Financial Situations (well-known economist)
2. Development Trend of Global Copper Industry (ICSG)
3. China's Copper Industry Green Production and Smart Manufacturing (MIIT/CNIA)
4. Development Strategy and Ideas of Western Mining (Western Mining)

September 6th Afternoon
CEO forum

Session 3: Copper resource development
Themes: Copper resources development prospects and green mine development
(Honored guests are from West Ming Group, Zijin Ming Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Group, China Gold Group, Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. , etc. )
The guests will discuss around the development of domestic copper resources, overseas resources, prospects for copper resources in western China, the Belt and Road initiative, and how copper mines face green development.

Session 4: Investment in smelting and processing sectors and industrial chain extension
Themes: High-quality development and improvement of economic benefits
(Honored guests are from Raw Material Branch of MIIT, CNIA, JCC, China Copper,TNMG, Daye Nonferrous Metals Group, etc. )

September 7th Morning

Session 5: Copper scrap recycling and reuse
1. China Copper Life Cycle Study and Prediction of Future Copper Recovery (Antaike)
2. Research on Policy and Development Trend of China Secondary Copper (Recycling Metal Branch of CNIA)
3. Scrap Metal Recycling (Traxys)

Session 6: Copper supply-demand and market forecast
4. Global Copper Market Analysis and Forecast (International Investment Bank)
5. Copper Options and Enterprise Risk Management (Shanghai Futures Exchange )
6. China Copper Supply and Demand, and Market Forecast (Antaike)

September 7th Afternoon: Field Trip to West Mining Group